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What is adbank?

Adbank is a revolutionary advertising network and is the protocol that BLADE is built on. Find out more about adbank here.

What is BLADE?

BLADE is a revolutionary browser extension that blocks ads and replaces them with adbank-powered ads - and then rewards users for viewing the ads and rewards publishers for hosting the ads.

How do ADB rewards work?

The advertiser pays to have their ads shown on the BLADE browser extension. From that amount, end users and publishers are rewarded for their part in the advertising ecosystem.

For example, if an advertiser were to spend 3 ADB for one ad impression, the end user would receive 1 ADB, the publisher would receive 1 ADB, and the adbank platform would receive 1 ADB.

When will I see my rewards?

Both end users and publishers have the same reward process. Your rewards will be tracked while the ad campaign is running. Once the campaign has ended, your ADB rewards will appear in your browser extension.

Campaigns are 3-30 days long so your ADB rewards will take 3-30 days to show up in your BLADE browser extension.

How do I withdraw my rewards?

To reduce gas costs, we have set a minimum amount for withdrawal. The minimum amount is shown on the “Transfers” page of the extension.

How does the BLADE referral program work?

Every user can generate a referral code within their BLADE extension. For each new user that uses the code, you will earn 10% of the amount they earn. You can learn more here.

How to use a referral code:

You may have received a referral code to use when setting up your BLADE account. It will look something like this “13d36577-82aa-42f0-a20d-87b1fc762923”

  • Click on the extension in the top right of your browser
  • Click “Get Started” to begin creating your account
  • Enter your password and save your secret recovery phrase
  • On the verify your identity page, click “Skip” and go to the referral code page
  • Copy and paste your referral code into the referral field and click “submit”
  • To verify your identity, click the hamburger menu, slick “Settings” and then click the red “Verify Your Identity” button

How to get your own referral code:

Once BLADE is installed & you've created your account, you can create a referral code to share with your community. To do this:

  • Click on the extension in the top right of your browser
  • Click the hamburger menu and select “Referrals”
  • Click the “Get a Code” button and your referral code will be displayed

Why are you using referral codes and not links?

Because BLADE is browser agnostic, manual codes were the only solution to tracking referrals across multiple platforms.

My KYC failed. Why is this?

At launch, Canadian and American residents and/or citizens will not be able to pass KYC and you will be notified that your KYC has failed. Fear not! You can still use the BLADE extension, earn ADB and earn referral rewards. You will not be able to transfer your ADB out of the extension, but we are working to make this available!

How do I resubmit my KYC?

Please contact the team at [email protected].

Can I use my BLADE account on more than one computer?

Yes, you can install BLADE on multiple computers, but only one BLADE account will earn rewards at a time.

How it will work: If you install BLADE on your computer at work and your computer at home, only one will work at a time, but since you are not using both computers at the same time, this is an effective way to maximize your ADB rewards.

How it won’t work: If you install BLADE on your coworkers computers and you are all using them at the same time, only one BLADE account will earn rewards at a time. For all to earn rewards at the same time, each computer will need its own BLADE account with its own individual KYC verification.

How do I use my BLADE account on another computer?

You will install BLADE on the new computer and follow the account recovery process:

  • Open BLADE and click "Recovering an Account?"
  • On the next screen, enter your secret phrase and then your password - you’re back into your account

Can my spouse use my crypto wallet with their BLADE account?

Yes. You can have one crypto wallet on multiple BLADE accounts.

How to remove your unpacked version and install BLADE from the Chrome Store

For early adopters who installed BLADE in developer mode.

  • Go to Chrome > More Tools > Extensions
  • Remove the unpacked version of BLADE
  • Restart your computer
  • Click here to view BLADE in the Chrome Store - simply click install!
  • Open BLADE and click “Recovering an Account?” (see image below)
  • On the next screen, enter your secret phrase and then your password - you're back into your account!

I installed BLADE from the Chrome store but it’s not working:

BLADE blocks and replaces ads - so if you’re seeing ads they are from adbank and you’re getting rewarded for them!

Sure you’re not seeing adbank powered ads? Then there might be an issue. Try this first

  • Uninstall BLADE by clicking "Remove"
  • Restart your computer
  • Reinstall BLADE and use your secret phrase to recover your account

Still not working?

  • Do you have any other ad blocker extensions installed? Uninstall them and try again.

Still not working?

  • Email the team at [email protected] and we’ll get it sorted out as quickly as possible!

I accidentally created a second BLADE account:

No worries! You cannot merge your accounts so you can simply abandon one of the accounts.

Do you have ADB in both accounts? You will need to utilize one account until you meet the transfer threshold, transfer your ADB to your wallet and then abandon the account with 0 balance.

Note that you can use one wallet address for multiple BLADE accounts.

Is the BLADE Chrome extension compatible with any other browsers?

Currently, several other browsers and mobile browsers offer support for Chrome extensions. Unfortunately we cannot offer tech support for browsers other than Chrome at this time.

What browsers will get BLADE extensions?

Our goal is to make BLADE browser agnostic so as to provide the best user experience! Stay tuned for future announcements!

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